Man Whipped to Death on Cam for Molesting 2 Year Old Baby

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  1. He won’t molest another child..

    1. Jack says:

      That’s what he deserves

  2. Lucy says:

    Good work getting that dirty nonsey fuck of your streets!

  3. mamma bear says:

    all pedophiles should be put in a big field and blown up I hate child molesters and cruelty to animals as well be cruel to children sorry I just hate people that do that to kids and poor animals

  4. d says:

    shame they used a whip I would of used matches !!!!!!

  5. Thats FAKE CRAP somepeople believe any shit .I do agree this should happen in the REAL WORLD we are too PC now .200 years ago this would have been the case public flogging .No we use crime as a job creration ,hence the building of more prisons rest my case.

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