Trump Supporter Media Acted Fast – Check Here How They Were Accusing Eminem And His Fans

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  1. Krystee says:

    I’m with Eminem he simply said what half of America is thinking…Trump won because he was the least of the two evils and we all knew it and call it more like survivel skills not support of trump we just hated Hillary more…Yes he’s done a few good things but even as a white strait amarican I’m not blind to his stupidity and racism that’s going to get us all killed bc he can’t shut his big mouth I’d rather not get blew up over his stupidity myself …. Eminem was right about many things and I can tell none of you are fans bc you got too many facts wrong about him … He’s never once been racist can you say that about the man running our country he doesn’t gay bash but Trump does ok he hit his wife Trump sexuality asults women I’d rather be punched the raped ….Now post this for your trump followed to see

  2. kirsty francis says:

    I don’t feel that trump has done all of this great stuff people seem to talk of, this was the man wanting to build a wall to keep people out… Seems like a brilliant man, ha. The man that also starts conflicts with Korea, boasting the big man pushing for another world war, now what would that achieve, to me it seems he doesn’t care for the military or for the country he supposedly runs and cares for. Why he was voted ibis beyond me. Fuck Trump ! And as for the whole Eminem thing, god after all these years I thought you people would have conned on that he sells records being the MOST contravertial rapper. What’s he says isn’t always true, is said in fun and simply to shock people, o and the biggest to sell records…

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